Ancient Gourmet




6000 year-old recipes – You won’t believe it!



Good food prepared in the open is an experience all on its own!! – no matter whether prehistoric recipes or game from our woods are on the menu.



We suggest:



Stone Age menu, the hunter/gatherer



  • Crayfish and mussels
  • Fish soup
  • Salmon steaks
  • Herb casserole
  • Game roasted in an earth oven
  • Stewed apples with nuts and honey




Iron Age menu, the prehistoric farmer



  • Soup of the season with a sprinkle from the past
  • Lamb or beef roasted in an earth oven
  • Salmon steaks, newly-smoked fish
  • Freshly-baked bread and newly-churned butter
  • Cheese
  • Stewed apples with whipped cream




Viking Age menu, the traveling tradesman



Before the food is ready, fire has to be struck, wood chopped, the oven heated and the hearths and cooking pits lit. Wild herbs have to be gathered, meat prepared, bread baked, butter churned, cream whipped and ingredients sliced and chopped. Not only that, but the grass has to be flattened and teeth have to be cleaned with straw.



You will be split up into groups and will be responsible for planning the preparations yourselves – so the food is still hot when it is presented and eaten from the buffet.



Enjoy a lavish buffet and an especially tasty and unusual meal, prepared using up to 5000 year old cooking methods. Worthy of a chieftain and, more importantly, of all you participants who have worked up a rumblingly healthy appetite.



An entertaining and enjoyable way to spend time together, for everyone.