Childrens Birthday Party

Hold a birthday party for your child at Land of legends Lejre.

The activities will take place in the Fire Valley, where the children will learn to chop wood, sail in dug-out canoes etc.


We will pack a picnic basket containing the following for each child: 1 frankfurter, 1 good bread roll, 1 piece of fruit/vegetable of the season, juice and a bag of candy. There is also a surprise for the birthday child.


In each picnic basket you will find a puzzle from the past, which can be solved by visiting the Iron Age village and the Stone Age settlement.




  • Off-season: 115 DKK per child, 145 DKK per adult, incl. admission
  • High Season: 125 DKK per child, 170 DKK per adult, incl. admission


Minimum 10 persons.


A deposit of 200 DKK must be paid for the baskets when they are picked up.


For booking and information: tel.: call 0045 46 48 08 78

or e-mail kontakt(at)


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