General Information

Research and experiment are the foundation for what we do in Sagnlandet Lejre. This is the basis upon which our work with presentation, school education and instruction rests and through archaeological experiments we continually contribute new knowledge on the past. Archaeological finds constitute only a fraction of what our forefathers surrounded themselves with. Much has only partially been preserved or is very hard to explain.


Experimental archaeology is a scientific method which through the active use of experiment contributes new explanations and interpretations of archaeological finds.


In Sagnlandet we work with three categories of experiments:



  • Experiments that deal with ancient technology, where objects or work processes are reconstructed and analysed – for example experiments with the production of certain tools.
  • Experiments that deal with the living conditions of the past and the effect on nature that these might have had, for example investigation of indoor environment and cultivational methods.
  • Experiments that deal with archaeological method and the origin of source materials found- for example experiments on how and how quickly different materials decompose or are altered when they have been bury in the ground.



Sagnlandet Lejre currently has no unallocated research funds you can apply for. Our funding is currently allocated for our own projects in Ceramics- and Textile technologies. External partners, if relevant, will be contacted by Sagnlandet Lejre directly..