Past environments

Experience Danish past in breathtaking surroundings!


Sagnlandet Lejre was etablished in 1964 under the name of Historical-Archaeological Experimental Centre in order to gain new knowledge about the past though practical experiments with past tecnologies. The first reconstructed living environment was the Iron Age village, Lethra.


The project marked a pioneering phase of experimental archaeology, as a scientifical discipline: a time full of challenging questions and promising discussions.


It is also here, at Lejre, that passing on of knowledge was considered an intimately connected element of scientifical research. "Historical workshop education" for schoolclasses was developed at the Center, and extended to any that wanted to learn from his own experiences. Learning-by-doing activities occupy a fundamental role in our Working Philosophy: know your forefathers' life by doing what they once did!    


Besides the Iron Age village, nowadays you can also find:



... to give you the unique opportunity to timetravel!