Iron Age family in Lethra




If you want to apply for a stay in Lethra, you have to fulfil the following conditions:



You and your family must form a group of 4 to 8 persons per house, in which all ages and genders may be represented. This "family" must have at least two adults from both genders, and the children have to be quite self-sufficient (min. 3 years).



Generally, adults are indeed very busy with making food, other manual activities and exchanging with the public. Grandparents and other seniors are welcome but notice that living in Iron Age needs more physical effort than modern life does.



You have to prepare for living in community in proto-historic houses 24 hours a day, with two/three other families living in the neighbour houses, and which you will have to cooperate with, for some daily tasks. 



We’re expecting an active participation in contact with the public between 10 am and 5 pm. It means that you are ready to share your experience with the other participants and a broad public with all nationalities, in other terms you "only" have to speak English. Other languages are of course welcome for meeting our German, French, Spanish or Italian guests.



In few words, be prepared to become a kind of living exhibition, with quite primitive living conditions during a week, if you feel you can manage it.



During your stay, from Saturday 9 am to Friday 5 pm, you will be welcome and assisted by one of Land of Legends' guides / presenters. At your arrival, you will get replicas of Iron Age clothes, and basic food ingredients as cereals, milks and cream, meat, beans, apples, nuts, onions and mushrooms. Moreover you will gather wild fruits and plants or other species in our ancient landscape, as complement for your meals.



The price for one week stay is per adult (Age >11 years): 1395 DDK. And for children (3-11 years) 625 DDK (VAT included) . 1 DDK is approximately 7,5 EURO. Notice that you will be charged the fees for international payment transaction.



You have to send a written application (or e-mail) where you describe:



  • Name, sex and age on all family/group members (you should between 4-8 people) as well as contact information on the groups contact person (name, address, phone and e-mail.
  • In which week you apply for (you are welcome to mention more than one week, as this will make our planning more easy, as a lot of people apply each year and the number of “seats” are limited). You can apply for weeks in the following time periods: summer holiday: June 25th until August 26th 2011 ; (Danish) autumn holiday: October 15th until 21st 2011. A week begins on a Saturday morning and ends on a Friday afternoon.
  • Why you want to try to be a prehistoric family
  • What you do (occupation), what kind of hobbies og activities you do in your leisure time. Is there anything you are especially good at (e.g. different kinds of crafts)
  • Special things we ought to know (like special diet, handicaps, allergies, etc.)



If you need further information before you fill in an application, please contact us: tel. +45 4648 0878



Your application must arrive  from January 1st and latest on 15th February 2010 pr. e-mail to :



or by post to:



Laurent Mazet - Manager, Prehistoric areas

Sagnlandet Lejre 

Slangealléen 2 

DK-4320 Lejre