Move a Boulder

Move a boulder – a biiiiiig one!


Move stones like our ancestors did when they built impressive burial monuments using stones weighing several tons. How did they do it without the use of modern cranes and excavators?


At first it seems like a quite impossible task – to move a stone which reaches your waist and is oblivious of your existence.

In the end, the stone can be moved through a combination of co-operation, understanding, exchange of knowledge, communication and common sense.


The task starts with one person working with the stone and develops until everyone has to join in. While some of you struggle with the stone, others are providing support - making coffee and tea, preparing lunch or arranging dinner. Whether you do one or the other is up to you.

Take a look and have a go – see if you can perform this demanding feat of engineering! And remember - not only faith can move mountains – teamwork can also do the trick!


For groups of between 20 and 150 people (mostly adults).


Reconstruction of a dolmen in 1998 at Lejre Experimental Center