Nature and landscape

Steep hills, great views, small lakes, woods and meadows. The landscape of Sagnlandet is richly varied and very beautiful.


People, as well as wild and domestic animals, have all left their marks on the landscape here. And it is still like that. That is why the farm animals are an important part of life at Land of Legends. We have aurochs, cattle, sheep, goats, geese, pigs, ducks and kittens.



Land of Legends in all kinds of weather!


Spring sunshine and baby animals, summer heat and the song of the lark. When the weather gods smile, you can find your own oasis at the edge of the woods, beside a lake or at the foot of a hill.


Bring a picnic basket and roll out a blanket, here you are allowed to walk on the grass.


Fairy-tale fog, dramatic thunder storms, rain and wind. When the weather gods are angry, we light our fires in fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. That is why its always good to come here, even when the others choose to stay home.