Our Working Philosophy

The Truth about the past? - there is no such thing knowable! This is something which Sagnlandet Lejre, as a educational activity Centre and research institution, wishes to underline. We therefore strive continually to ask more questions than we give answers. We do this in order to involve our visitors in the actual scientific process and make it clear that science and, accordingly, knowledge of our environment is a variable dimension dependant on time, place and the eyes of the beholder. We must all sense and perceive in order to understand. We must all experiment in order to experience.


We hope to make our contribution towards qualifying our visitors, both large and small, for individual recognition of the interrelations in an increasingly complex and specialist-orientated world. Regardless of whether we are involved in the natural sciences, the social sciences or the humanities, the basic circumstances we wish to communicate build on:


  • Understanding – of the links between culture, view of nature and resource exploitation
  • Responsibility – for sustainable administration of the cultural and natural heritage
  • Tolerance - between people regardless of culture and understanding of the surrounding world.


It is the interaction between interpretation of the past and understanding of the present as a basis for future expectations that Land of Legends - Lejre children, young and old, Danes and foreigners, families, kindergartens, schools and other institutions to become interested in the past. Not as something distant and static but something very present, changeable and relevant which raises discussions of our own time in an historical perspective.


We see this as sustainable communication which extends beyond the experience of the moment.


Concept and activities


Experiences of culture and nature from top to toe are the backbone in The land of legends’ concept and activities. A visit to Land of Legends - Lejre is an experience for the senses; for the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, hands and feet. Whether one chooses to wander alone through The land of legends’ permanent reconstructed environments from the Stone Age, Iron Age, Viking Age and the 19th century, or witnesses one of the many events on the programme, participate in one of the many educational options or have invested in a tailor-made adventure tour for your workplace – then challenges for both hands and head are included as a central element. Dialogue, re-enactment and active participation are the educational tools we aspire to and emphasise in order to ensure a positive experience for the public:


  • Dialogue – creates the individual experience. Conversation between employee and visitor invites the illumination of new topics and approaches arising from the actual learning situation.
  • Active participation – secures personal experience. Active participation involves the visitor in an unfolding of life in the past. What was easy, difficult, good and/or problematic. Concrete experience is an eye-opener for present-day abilities and limitations. But an entertaining and social first hand experience can also be the spark which ignites a lasting curiosity with regard to knowledge of prehistory and history.
  • Re-enactment – stimulates the fantasy and imagination of the visitor. Re-enactment also gives the opportunity for communication of the gaps and developments in the underlying research. It gives the observer the opportunity for an independent critical assessment of the present view on the world of yesteryear.


This activating method of communication also accommodates academically weak children who experience success in Sagnlandet through an unfolding of their creative talents, dexterity and physical abilities.


Experience the past coming alive in Sagnlandet!


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