Sagnlandet Lejre is a place with many possibilities for experience and enjoyment





We offer you many interestering possibilities for quests and experiences other than direct time travel, where you can stay here and experience ancient ways of life. Some of those cost just the standard entry fee, but you can also order special guided tours and events tailored for your specific group. We can - with due advance notice - support special events for groups of several hundred people as well as a small family. Please send email to event@lejre-center.dk for additional information and custom offers.



Some possibilities may require advance booking, but the Fire Valley usually does not, except in case of very large groups, read more here!



You can rent an english language GPS unit in the shop and undertake a GPS Quest or experience the challengees of being either a Prehistoric Shaman or a Roman secret agent spying on the Germanic tribes. Or try to use an old style stoneage or viking bow, the precursor to the acclaimed medieval english long bow.