Science Links

Links to professional networks:



International network for museums, discovery centres, associations, historical workshops etc. which work with experimental archaeology and living history. Land of legends Lejre is member of this network.


Centre for Textile Research (CTR)

CTR is a research centre at the University of Copenhagen, which for the period of 2005-2010 is working with textiles in history and archaeology.


The Skelhøj Project

A site on archaeological experiments with preservation of finds in excavations from the Bronze Age and the excavation of Skelhøj in Ribe County.


The University of Greifswald

Site for the University of Greifswald, Department of History, chair for prehistorical and early historical periods.


Association of Professional Archaeologists

Has easy access to Danish museums etc.


History Online

Exciting access to the world of history. The site has been produced by the Council for Danish History and gives a interesting possibility for exploring various themes, events, and publications on the past.