Season overview

2013 at Sagnlandet Lejre!


Winter/Spring season

Sagnlandet is closed during winter time - but not really... Vi have a lot of exciting offers for you even during our slow season. You can join our smallholder's wife Sørine on a Shrovetide excursion around Sagnlandet's houses and cottages from the 1800s (Danish). Or you can visit us at Easter, when we colour easter eggs the old fashioned way, open a wood cutting workshop, felt small chickens from wool, and much, much more. As a special treat you can join one of our theme tours every Sunday in April, and experience Sagnlandet behind the scenes. For instance you get the backstage tour of Sagnlandets textile loft and a hands on view of our reconstructed garments spanning several thousand years of history (tours in Danish).



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Spring season


When the weather turns mild and the trees begin to bloom, Sagnlandet opens and invites you in for another season. Daily, you can visit our cute animals at the Petting Zoo, look for old relics in our Archaeological water basin and much more. During the Ascension day vacation we invite you to join our Stone Age hunting group, complete with bow and arrow, and you can get a taste of Roman mulled wine. When the pentecost sun dances (as one says in Denmark), the Vikings invite you to a taste of the good stew, and the Smallholder's wife brews coffee for her guest - a real treat in the 1800s. Of course we celebrate Sankt Hans (midsummer night's eve) - with bonfires and Iron age warriors.




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Summer - high season

Summer is our busy season - while the sun dances high in the sky, Sagnlandet is populated with people from all ages. Meet the Families living in the past in Iron age Lethra and 1800s Krikkebjerg houses. In week 28 there's a Viking market at Ravnebjerg and in week 30 the Stone age people invade Athra. In week 31 Sørine invites you to visit Krikkebjerg houses, as she feeds and cares for her animals. While all of this takes place you can test your mettle as an Iron age warrior with our Warrior training, or search for old relics, skeletons and hidden treasure as an Archaeologist for a day.



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Autumn season


Even though the leaves are turning yellow, read and brown - and falling slowly from the trees - Sagnlandet is still in full swing. Join in when Dog hair is spun with wool into a thread, or when we explore Archaeology in our Archaeology of the ages activity. Bring out your old knitting gear and step into the cosy room at Krikkebjerg houses where the Smallholders are having a knitting party. We close the autumn season with a celebration when the Vikings open up their storage chambers and serve up a delicious Viking-Gourmet, and Sørine offers up a taste of her homemade snaps.



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Autumn/Winter season

When the schools close down for fall break, it's time for the Vikings to hold their Sacrificial ceremony at Sagnlandet's new stone ship. It's also time for Sørine to make her tallow candles from the fat of the slaughtered sheep. When the fall vacation nears its end, Sagnlandet is overrun by Ghosts and Ghouls, which you can meet, if you dare...  For All Hallow's eve it's also essential to stay brave. This is the day on which all of Sagnlandet's mournful creatures awaken and invite you on a trip through Sagnlandet full of horror and scares. Luckily, the year ends with the warmhearted and cosy Christmas weekends, and you can make your own hard candy, tinsoldiers (or ballarinas) and get a steaming warm cup of beer with a bit of butter in it - just like in the good old days.




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