Stone Age Camp (5400-3900 years BC)

A winding path leads to the Stone Age settlement. Here, on the lake shore, lies a small settlement from the latter part of the Mesolithic, the Ertebølle period (5400-3900 BC).


Denmark was covered by dense primeval forest. Red deers, roe deers, aurochs, wild boars, wild cats, bears and beavers were hunted with spears and, bow and arrow; fish were caught with fishing nets, leisters and traps. Most of the diet comprised fish, fish and more fish.


The hunter-gatherer tribes did not live in isolation. Finds of axes from the Alps show contact over great distances. Travelling the waterways in their dug-out boats people exchanged exotic gifts and perhaps marriage partners. It was through such contacts with areas to the south the local tribes learned about two revolutionary discoveries in human history – agriculture and the production of pottery.


Come and meet our Stone Age settlers in the forest.


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