The Fire Valley

Your very own experimental area


In The Fire Valley children and the young at heart can try their hand at:


  • making fire with a fire drill or an Iron Age strike-a-light
  • hollowing out tree trunks to make a dug-out boat
  • pulling a stone weighing 500 kg
  • cutting firewood with an Iron Age axe
  • grinding flour on a stone quern
  • baking small Iron Age biscuits
  • paddling a dug-out canoe


The axes, stone querns, dug-out boats and even the biscuits are copies of prehistoric finds (These activities are included in the admission fee).


Take your picnic basket with you or buy it at our little refreshments shop!


School classes and other large groups should always sign up for activities in advance, preferably by phone (+45 4648 0878) or in the shop on arrival in Sagnlandet Lejre.