The Historic Landscape

Here as everywhere in Denmark, there are different types of natural settings formed by human usage over many thousands of years.


There are both clearly marked fields and those farmed many, many years ago, which have almost disappeared. There are old stone fences and living hedges. There are the remnants of forgotten gardens with chestnut, linden, lilac and other garden plants.


The naturally-formed lakes are marked by the Ledreborg Manor’s long-time carpe farming, where the water-levels in the many interconnected lakes and ponds were regulated. Seen from the air, the lakes look like pearls on a string, narrowing at the old, now lost, sluices.


We are now leaving our mark on the landscape. Our animals create new grazing areas. The grassy parts of the wooded sections change slowly but surely. We have added burial mounds and sites with decaying buildings. We shall become a serious challenge for the archaeologists of the future!