Travel in Time




Families “living in the past” at Sagnlandet Lejre are ordinary families who live and work in the Iron Age village and Farm cottages. The length of their stay can be a weekend in the early and late summer (only for Farm Cottages) or a whole week in the summer or autumn holidays.



Sagnlandet Lejre makes no demands as to qualifications or the like, but expects that families are willing to come into contact with the public and to acquire basic knowledge about the environment, they will be living in. Land of Legends provides the necessary specialist materials.



We prefers traditional families, comprising mother, father, children and - preferably - grandparents, because of the reciprocal knowledge among their members and because that is how prehistoric life was. This is not a strict rule, but the total population of the sites should fill those roles.



Children should be of an age that they do not need to be watched constantly to avoid accidents with fire and axes or by the lake. They should also be old enough to want to take part in the daily work.



You can apply for one week at a time (from Saturday 9 am to Friday 5 pm) within the following periods:



  • Summer holiday: from Saturday 30th. of June to Friday 24th. of August 2011
  • Danish autumn holiday: from Saturday 13th. to Friday 19th. of October 2011



Please do be aware that applications for the coming season should arrive between January 1st. and February 15th. 2011.



If you and your family are interested in “living in the past” contact us:



Tel. +45 46 48 08 78


E-mail: kontakt(at)