Viking Trader





The Viking market place seathes with activity before trading is opened by the King’s Bailiff. Loud shouting over by the smithy and a thief is about to be given a beating. Plumes of smoke billow from the many fires and the smell of it mixes with that of the Oseberg cauldron’s meaty contents.



Your task in the middle of all this activity, with its forgotten rules and unsaid customs from a lost time, is to acquire 9 “ravens” – the local currency – and diverse other items. You will be divided up into teams and given various paraphernalia and a number of ravens. Some groups are given a little, others more but no-one is given the solution! That is to be found among the Viking people and you will need use your wisdom, inventiveness, sincerity and ability to co-operate both within and between the groups.



When the King’s Bailiff has sounded the start of trading there is no way back. Only time and good manners set the bounds for who is permitted to swing Thorid’s mighty sword – a sword which is so sharp that it can at any time sever any head from its body with a single blow - and propose a toast from the horn of Ulm the bull.





"Ravens” can be acquired by:


  • telling stories and fables of Freja, freedom and floosies and about warriors, women and wonders.
  • winning combats, winning board games such as Nefatafl or Straight Row of Three – remember the Vikings’ motto: play and win, if not - draw your sword!
  • helping the Raven People
  • winning a Viking maid’s laughter – this is not easy for a stranger




“Ravens" are spent when:


  • tax is gathered by the King’s Bailiff
  • you loose a game – cheating is expensive if you are found out
  • you waste your time, or even worse, others’
  • behaving indecently and trading dishonestly - your hand will be cut off
  • buying mead or other unseemly services.



Prepare yourselves for en experience that produces broad smiles and healthy laughters.



For groups of between 50 and 150 participants.


Duration 3-4 hours.