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Insight and immersion – activities for children



Land of legends Lejre offers educational paths for school pupils to the Iron Age villageViking marketplace, Farm cottages, Harpestreng's garden, Fire valley and with our Ranger.



The paths can last from 1½ hours to up to 5 days in the case of a school camp at the Viking market place.



Pupils are actively involved in the activity. They work with copies of tools and implements from the past so they can get a feel of how daily life could have been. They are involved in role-play so they can gain an impression of the ideologies and social relationships of the past. The instructors talk to pupils throughout, dealing with questions as they arise.



The activities are aimed at giving immersion and involvement in life in the past. Discussions with the instructors give occasion to reflect on terms such as duration, difficulty and quality. We will communicate quality of craftsmanship to our pupils who perhaps have an idea of the past as having been very primitive.



Respect for quality and respect for the unfamiliar, which our past also represents, are important aspects of Land of legends’ teaching and of the values it hopes to impart. This is an important part of our working philosophy.




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Area Theme Duration / Nr instructors Prices
Farm cottages Be good with the spirits! 3½ h / 2 instr. 2.150 kr
  Sørine and the big war in 1864 3½ h / 1 instr. 1.850 kr
  Great-great-grandmohter's Christmas 3½ h / 2 instr. 2.150 kr
Nature expert In the footprints of our forefathers 2 h / 1 instr. 1.470 kr
  Butchering activity (supplement activity) 2 h / 1 instr. 730 kr
  Workshop activity (supplement activity) 1½ h / 1 instr. 630 kr
The little architect's course History's best home 3½ h / 1 instr. 1.850 kr
Fire valley A trip to the Fire valley 2 h / - Entrance fee (35 kr p. participant + 2 teacher free pr. class)
Harpestreng's garden A trip into Middle Age botany 1½ h / - Entrance fee (35 kr pr. participant + 2 teacher free pr. class)
Iron Age village Field and forest 3½ h / 2 instr. 2.150 kr
  Clay and fire 3½ h / 2 instr. 2.150 kr
  Wool and thread 3½ t. / 2 instr. 2.150 kr
  Fire and coal 3½ h / 2 instr. 2.150 kr
Stone Age settlement Stone Age hunter for a day Please note! No Stone Age educational path in 2010
Viking marketplace A day as a Viking traveller 3½ h / 2 instr. 2.150 kr
  A day as a Viking farmer 3½ h / 2 instr. 2.150 kr
Mini-camp school - 2 to 4 days e.g. 3 days / 2 instr. 756 kr p participant  
      Minimum 15.120 kr
The long camp school 5 days / 2 instr. 1.222 kr p participant  
      Min. 24.440 kr
    5 days/3 instr. 1.422 kr p participant
      Minimum 28.440 kr