How to get here

By public transport


It is easy to reach Sagnlandet Lejre by public transport.


From Lejre railway station, a shuttle bus (bus 233) departs each hour at minute 17 and returns to Lejre station at minute 49.


Fill in the "departure" field in the routeplanner to the right side of this page and find your way to Land of Legends Lejre. You can with advantage fill in the precise adress of your hotel or camping area.



By bicycle


National bicycle route no. 4 passes the Land of Legends.



By car


In the Yellow Pages' homepage you can plan your journey from where you stay in Denmark to Land of Legends.

Copy the following text in bold - Slangealleen 2 4320 Lejre - and, once in the route planner site, paste it into the destination field. 



Sagnlandet Lejre's address is Slangealleen 2, 4320 Lejre.


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